Work in progress for Imaging Apartheid (part 3)

Continuation of Imaging Apartheid work, in reverse chronological order.

Part 1
Part 2

With the explosion settled (bottom image) I began focusing on texture, crop, and typography. There is definitely room for more typographical exploration but I may skip it because conceptually I don’t think a bold typographic treatment is helpful for the topic. If there will be any type at all, it will likely be precise, confident, and minute.

There is a boarder around many of the images which invert their underlaying contents. This tumblr theme doesn’t do that aspect justice given the white background debilitates the light segments. In Photoshop I found the effect quite successful on a grey background so I’m hoping when this becomes glorious printed matter and (if ever) presented in a gallery context, a suitable mounting environment is available.

There is room for a part 4, and 5, but I don’t think much more then that.